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Bone Cancer


Want to know more about bone cancer?

Osteosarcoma is an aggressive bone cancer associated with pain and a risk of bone fracture due to the weakening of the bone strength. It can evolve rapidly to metastases (cancer cells spreading elsewhere in the body). Depending on the time of diagnostic, the aggressiveness of the bone cancer and the possibilities of treatments, dogs can survive as little as 1 or 2 months, but the average survival time is from 5 to 11 months.

Osteosarcoma affecting long bones (front and hind limbs) is the most frequent, representing 85% of all bone cancers. However, other bones such as jaws, hips and pelvis may also be affected.

What is the cause of osteosarcoma?

The cause of developing an osteosarcoma is unclear and is most probably multi-factorial (environmental and/or genetic). Size, body weight and especially height are considered as important risk factors.

Large and giant breed dogs (such as Boxer Dogs, Doberman Pinschers, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherd Dogs, Great Danes, Greyhounds, Irish Setters, Irish Wolfhounds, and Rottweilers) are unfortunately the most predisposed to bone cancers and pay the highest toll to this disease.

What are the signs of osteosarcoma?

Your dog shows a sudden lameness or a local swelling without an obvious cause. He/she is also lethargic, manifests loss of appetite and is reluctant to use the limb because of pain. Bone cancer might be the cause of these signs, especially if your dog is a large or giant breed.

Treatment options

The treatment options aim to manage pain, reduce the risk of pathological fractures and improve the well-being of the dog. They also intend to control bone cancer or evolution (locally and metastases).

Bone cancer is particularly painful therefore the first concern is to relief pain: analgesic medication is often used in this aim.

Bone cancer treatment combines surgical and non-surgical procedures. Surgery (amputation of the cancer limb or partial resection known as invasive limb-sparing surgery) may or may not be combined with chemotherapy or radiation therapy to control as long as possible the evolution of the disease and give comfort to the patient.

Amputation and invasive limb-sparing surgery are not always possible due to the presence of other diseases, the large size or the overweight of the dog. It may also be by owner’s choice.

In these cases, an alternative option is needed.

The cementoplasty with BIOCERA-VET OSTEOSARCOMA RTU is a new innovative palliative and complementary (to other non-surgical procedures) option for these dogs.


The cementoplasty is a minimally invasive surgical procedure aiming to provide bone reinforcement by filling the cavity affected by the bone cancer. Indeed, weakened bone causes pain, lameness and increases risk of pathological fractures.

This mini-invasive approach, meaning through a small hole on the skin, is used to inject the cement into the bone cavity after the veterinarian has tried to remove as much as possible the tumoral content (curettage). In this case, the filling is performed using BIOCERA-VET OSTEOSARCOMA RTU.

Cementoplasty may help in reducing pain and preserving limb function with a lower risk of pathological fracture thanks to the bone support provided.

Find an experienced veterinarian in cementoplasty near you

Each clinic propose non surgical management treatments complementary to cementoplasty such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiotherapy and micro-wave ablation. For more info on the treatment options at the clinic of your choosing, contact the clinic directly or contact us.

Ashburn, United States
Olivier Stievenart

Olivier Stievenart, Chirurgie orthopédique

Vétérinaire itinérant Wallonie - Grand-Duché de Luxembourg

Olivier Stievenart

Olivier Stievenart, Chirurgie orthopédique

Vétérinaire itinérant Wallonie - Grand-Duché de Luxembourg

ONCOnseil Unité d'expertise en oncologie

David SAYAG, Oncologie vétérinaire

Clinique Vétérinaire VET'OCCITANIE
185 avenue des Etats-Unis
F-31200 Toulouse
0033 5 61 61 20 20


Centre Hospitalier Universitaire ONIRIS

Olivier GAUTHIER, Professeur en chirurgie

119 Rte de Gachet
F-44300 Nantes
0033 2 40 68 76 22


Centre Hospitalier Vétérinaire Frégis

Guillaume RAGETLY, Chirurgie orthopédique
Stephanie LAFARGE BEURLET, Oncologie vétérinaire

9 rue de Verdun
F-94250 Gentilly
0033 1 49 85 83 00


Ystwyth Vets

Kate O’Sullivan, Small Animal Surgery

Church Lane
Llanbadarn Fawr
UK-Aberystwyth SY23 3QU
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PetSound Animal Hospital

Kevin Monce, Oncology and orthopedic surgeries
Shaina Steward Soule, Veterinary Surgery

305-C Ashville avenue, Cary
North Carolina 27518
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MyVet Lucan Dublin

Ciarán Jones, Small Animal Surgery

Lucan Road, Ballydowd, Lucan
IE-Co. Dublin
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Clinique AniCura LorraineVet

Fabien Arnault, Chirurgie orthopédique

127 rue Pierre Gilles de Gennes
F-54710 Ludres
0033 3 83 26 32 92


Clinique Vétérinaire Sirius

Frédéric Sanspoux, Chirurgie orthopédique traumatologie osteo-articulaire

2 Rue de Bourdelas
F-87270 Couzeix
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AniCura Dierenartsencentrum Malpertuus

Peter Vandekerckhove, Orthopedic Surgeries
Robert Daems, Orthopedic Surgeries

Leenstraat 2a
B-9070 Heusden
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AniCura Dierenkliniek Randstad

Ruth Fortrie, Veterinary Surgery and Oncology
Stella Minnoye, Veterinary Surgery

Frans Beirenslaan 155,
B-2150 Borsbeek
0032 3 322 78 11


AniCura Dierenkliniek Randstad

Ruth Fortrie, Veterinary Surgery and Oncology
Stella Minnoye, Veterinary Surgery

Frans Beirenslaan 155,
B-2150 Borsbeek
0032 3 322 78 11


Clinique Vétérinaire de Castres Lameilhé

Julien Letesson, Chirurgie des petits animaux
Elodie Dalmasso, Oncologie (Chimiothérapie)

36, rue François Couperin
F-81100 Castres
0033 5 63 59 19 90


Centre Hospitalier Vétérinaire Massilia

Luis Matres Lorenzo, Chirurgie des petits animaux
Alexandre Fournet, Chirurgie des petits animaux

121 Avenue de Saint-Julien
F-13012 Marseille
0033 4 91 82 13 13



Jérôme Benoit, Oncologie vétérinaire
Federica Conti, Oncologie vétérinaire

Av. Paul Langevin
F-59650 Villeneuve-d'Ascq
0033 3 20 34 41 34


Dierenartsencentrum POOT

Dries Goegebeur, Orthopedic Surgeries

Meulebekestraat 135
B-8770 Ingelmunster
0032 51 79 48 78


Evidensia Dierenziekenhuis Nieuwegein

Arno Roos, Veterinary Oncology
Annika Haagsman, Veterinary Surgery
Hendrik-Jan Kranenburg, Veterinary Surgery

Nijverheidsweg 1b
3433 NP Nieuwegein
0031 030 - 202 70 70


Centre Vétérinaire de Spécialistes Caladrius

Drs Broux et Lefebvre, Spécialistes en chirurgie (ECVS)

Rue provinciale 315
1301 Wavre
0032 10 56 10 56


Centre Vétérinaire MANIAVET

Frédéric Manias, Orthopedic Surgeries

Rue de Merbes 353/1
7131 Waudrez
0032 64 66 42 76


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